Gannavaram Politics: Jagan Losing Hold On Party Leaders?YSR Congress had admitted Gannavaram TDP MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi into the party and since then, problems have started.

Vamsi’s entry is being opposed by Yarlagadda Venkat Rao who unsuccessfully contested against Vamsi and Dutta Rama Chandra Rao, another senior leader.

The party managed to keep Venkat Rao silent for now by making him Chairman of Krishna District Co-operative Bank. But Dutta has become a big problem.

Earlier this week, Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy had called Vamsi and Dutta and delivered them the message of Jagan.

But nothing has changed. Immediately after the meeting, Dutta made allegations on Vamsi right in front of the media. He accused Vamsi of Illegal mining and not talking along the party cadre.

He clearly clarified that he can not work with Vamsi. The MLA also made similar comments.

“I have been in Politics for 12 years. Lost as MP once and won as MLA twice. All these people always tried to defeat but I kept on winning. You will see what happens in 2024,” Vamsi told.

Their statements indicate that Jagan’s warnings have a minimal impact.

That brings us to the question if Jagan is losing grip on party leaders.