Dutta Rama Chandra Rao Yarlagadda Venkat raoTwo years ago, Jagan passed a bill in the assembly to abolish the Council. But later, the government dropped the proposal, and now, there is intense competition in YSR Congress for the MLC seats that will fall vacant very soon.

At present, the YSRCP has 32 MLCs in the 58-member state legislative council, followed by 16 members of the Telugu Desam Party, four members of the Progressive Democratic Front representing teachers’ and graduates’ constituencies, two members of the Bharatiya Janata Party and four independents.

As many as 22 seats in various categories will fall vacant this year. Of them, 14 members would retire by March 29, seven by May 1, and two others by July 20. These vacancies would have been filled before the completion of their term.

Most of them will go to the ruling party. Jagan is trying to use these MLC seats to settle issues in various constituencies. In constituencies where there are more aspirants, the disappointing leaders may be accommodated in the Council.

For an instance, TDP’s Bachula Arjunudu is retiring on March 29th. His vacancy will be filled by the YSR Congress leader of the same district. Jagan is planning to fill it with the leader of the same district.

He will use this to clear the rift in Gannavaram. Yarlagadda Venkat Rao and Dutta Rama Chandra Rao are opposing Vallabhaneni Vamsi who came to YSR Congress from TDP.

Yarlagadda or Dutta may be sent to the Council to pacify them. It has to be seen if they will cooperate with Vamsi even then.