Gang Rape GunturSome shocking incidents of crime against women in Andhra are surfacing recently. A woman was gang-raped in Guntur district on Wednesday night. The incident took place near Medikondur crossroads while a couple from Sattanapalli mandal was coming on a bike to attend a wedding in Guntur city.

The couple, who were coming on a bike, were intercepted by some thugs and they have attacked her husband. They, then, took his wife to a nearby field and gang-raped her.

The victims went to the Sattenapalli police station at midnight and the police refused to take the complaint. The place where the incident took place falls under Guntur Urban SP. The police station they went is under Guntur Rural. With this, the victims retreated.

Sattenapally police have come under severe criticism for refusing to lodge a complaint despite orders from superiors to register a zero FIR wherever the incident took place and transfer the case to the concerned police station.