Mining Mafia King Gali Janardhan Reddy who once ruled the Bellary region of Karnataka had been rotting in jail for more than three years ago. He is allegedly involved in the illegal iron ore mining through Obulapuram Mining Company (OMC) in Andhra Pradesh and AMC in Karnataka. He is also being Reddy trialed for an ACB case in Hyderabad in the cash-for-bail scam. Recently he is granted respite in AMC case of Karnataka by a local court there. However the mining baron will continue to stay behind the bars till he gets bail or relief in the other two cases in Hyderabad.

Mr.Reddy is granted bail solely on the basis that he is already spent about 34 months jail before the case trial started and there is a Supreme Court directive that a person cannot be held in jail if the trial is not completed in 6 months. However cases in Hyderabad will not be so easy for Gali since he earlier tried to bribe the judiciary for bail there is always a chance to influence the witnesses if he comes out.