Gadapa Gadapaku Comes To A HaltYSR Congress MLAs have struggled a lot with the people questioning them during the Gadapa Gadapaku program.

We used to see at least 1-2 videos of MLAs being in a spot of bothering on a daily basis.

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The MLAs have no way but to attend them since the Chief Minister’s office is pushing them.

But they have silently stopped all the programs first in the name of party plenary and then, in the name of heavy rains in the state.

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All the MLAs have mobilized people and buses for the plenary spending huge money and other resources.

After that, the MLAs have got relaxed big time. Then, the incessant rains in Andhra Pradesh came to their rescue.

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They are showing no interest in resuming the program fearing backlash from the public.

The CMO is serving them an ultimatum to resume the program or face the danger of not getting tickets for 2024.

But the MLAs say most of the problems the people are raising are not under their control because of the non-availability of funds.

Moreover, rains will make the already worst roads to the next level. They are trembling in fear about going to people at this juncture.