G.O.s-War-Between-TDP-and-YSR-CongressThe G.O.s website of Andhra Pradesh State Government has become a tool in the hand of TDP and YSR Congress Social Media Groups. Until now, YSR Congress used to make public some G.O.s let out by the Telugu Desam Government and made corruption allegations. This Propaganda played a major part in increasing the anti-incumbency against TDP.

Now, TDP Social Media Supporters are using the same strategy. One Such instance happened a little while ago. The State Government had sanctioned a whopping 1.5 Lakh for Ajeya Kallam the Principal Advisor to the Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy just for the purchase of Crockery and Cutlery.

Ajeya Kallam who worked as Chief Secretary during Chandrababu Naidu Government later made severe allegations on the government posing as a neutral and was rewarded with the Principal Advisor Position after the elections by YS Jagan. This is fourth or fifth such controversial G.O. given by YSR Congress in recent times.

Even Nara Lokesh has been quoting such G.O.s in his Tweets in recent times.