Future Looks Bleak for Ravi Prakash- (1)There are several reports of Ravi Prakash planning to acquire a media house and challenge TV9 management which has ousted him but then it looks the Senior Journalist will have a real tough time in coming out of the existing cases before anything else.

Cyberabad Police have gathered enough evidence against Ravi Prakash in the cases filed by TV9 new management. Also, it was established by the emails between Ravi Prakash and Shivaji that the so-called Share Transfer Agreement between them is not on February 2018 but on April 14, 2019.

That will mean that the case filed by Shivaji in National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) is also a fraud. Though Ravi Prakash team deleted these emails from the server, the police retrieved the discussions in the emails with the help of forensic experts.

Ravi Prakash will have a tough time in dealing with these cases and may not find time to make a comeback to the media any time sooner. Shivaji who has become a Political Expert with several conspiracy theories is also in a soup now.