Funny,-How-Both-the-Andhra-Pradesh,-Telangana-Govt's-Reacted-on-BudgetBoth the Telugu States got a very raw deal from the center in the Budget which was tabled the other day. This should naturally disappoint Andhra Pradesh which is a revenue deficit state. Even though Telangana will also be disappointed considering its finances, it should just pass off just like another day at the office.

But going by the reactions of the Ruling Parties in both the states, it is entirely different. Jagan Reddy’s Government which desperately needs the Center’s assistance was careful in expressing its disappointment probably so as not to hurt those in Delhi.

And at the same time, the disappointment of TRS in Telangana is out of the park. The CMO office released a strong-worded statement calling Modi’s Government as incompetent. He did not mince words to say the states would go to dogs if they depend on the Center.

TRS Working President, K Taraka Ramarao also reacted strongly to the Budget in his Twitter account. He went on to say that reducing Telangana’s share in Central taxes is bound to impact the implementation of various development & welfare initiatives of the state government. This seems to be a ploy to hit BJP below the belt. The reactions of both the Telugu Ruling States are contrasting to their actual position.