KCR to critical decisionsDespite claiming to be surplus budget state, Telangana state is suffering from severe funds crunch as the state government is taking up several costly schemes. Telangana CM is exploring various options to increase the income and had decided to increase taxes on commodities like Petrol, Diesel and Liquor.

The government is planning to impose Transport Cess on Petrol and Diesel. With this cess, the government is planning to raise 3000 Crore per year. Thus raised money will be used to improve the roads and basic infrastructure maintenance.

On the other side, the state government is also planning increase taxes on Liquor. So far the state had achieved a 8000 Crore from the targetted 12000 Crore. With this extra tax, the government is planning to raise 3000 Crore which will aide various welfare schemes taken up by the state. The announcement of these Taxes may happen after GHMC elections.