Amaravati, Amaravati Legal Cases, Amaravati License Legal Case, Amaravati Capital City Court Cases, Amaravati Court Petitions Supreme Court recently slashed a petition against Amaravati construction filed by Senior Journalist, ABK Prasad. The court made some severe comments on the petitioner during the case hearing which came as a huge setback to Amaravati detractors. ABK Prasad is a regular columnist for Sakshi and is known for spewing venom on Chandrababu and TDP.

That is not the only thing which will make people suspicious. ABK Prasad previously applied to the government to accommodate him Chandra Rajeswara Rao Old age home due to his bad financial condition. He is currently living there. It will need Lakhs of money to hire lawyers and file petitions in Supreme Court.

Naturally, ABK Prasad can not afford it. There should be no prizes for guessing that it is Jagan who is backing these cases. Corruption cases are haunting Jagan big time. They are the prime reason for the loss in the last elections. He wants to throw the mud on Chandrababu as well and give the feel no one is averse to corruption.