Anushka Shetty -Chandrababu NaiduBeing in a political party or being a movie celebrity is enough not only to have a set of fans but also anti-fans. A photo where Chandrababu Naidu was seen greeting Anushka had caught the attention of anti-fans of not only the party but also anti-Nandamuri fans on the social media.

Anushka and Rajamouli’s family were there to pay their last respects to Nandamuri Harikrishna. Though only a small section, it’s disgusting to see those some social media handles abusing Chandrababu for greeting Anushka by taking different meanings from the picture. This is yet another example of how judgemental can the trolls on Social media are and how the social media behaviour loses its mind and can’t see beyond it.

One would certainly hope that death is one of the occasions that can keep all the hatred away. However, it doesn’t seem to be the case. The greeting was a courtesy and that could be only for a fraction of a second, but that one click at the moment was enough for a small section to take on the mantle abuse. Sad state of affair, indeed!