Fuel Income of Modi Government Jumps by 300% in Six YearsEver since Modi Government came to power, the taxes on Petrol and Diesel have been increasing by multiple folds. The center has been making the taxes as surcharges which will deprive the states of a share in central taxes.

According to a reply in the Parliament, the income from the taxes on fuel has increased by 300% for the Central Government in the last six years. In the first year of Modi’s regime i.e., in 2014-15, the excise tax on petrol is 29,279 Crore and excise tax on Diesel is 42,881 Crore.

In the first ten months of this fiscal (2020-21), the taxes on petrol and diesel have brought 2.94 Lakh Crore revenue for the Central Government. The excise tax on petrol in 2014 is 9.48 Rupees per liter which has gone up to 32.90 Rupees per liter now.

The excise tax on Diesel in 2014 is 3.56 Rupees per liter which has gone up to 31.80 Rupees per liter now.