Fu* Off Bi*ch..Indian Techie's Wife Assaulted in U.S. FlightPhoenix police officials finally gave a statement about the Twitter thread that spoke of an alleged assault on a flight to Phoenix. The tweets were put up by Faraaz Sareshwala on September 24 and by Sept 27, the tweet had around 116,100 likes and around 35,000 retweets.

Faraaz works at Google as a software engineer. His wife Saarah Sareshwala had to undergo a tough ordeal when the passenger in front of her pushed his seat so far that Saarah who was resting on the tray table was jolted. She had injuries and went to the washroom to clean up when the man started hurling racist and obscene words. When a couple of passengers who witnessed the happenings, tried to reason with the man, he continued to talk the obscene language.

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The abusive man responded by saying “f*k off, fk off!” He told her daughter to “stay in fucking lane, b*ch.” He then said about Saarah that “the fu*k*ng bi*ch got what was coming for her.

The incident happened on Southwest Flight 1630 from Orlando to Phoenix and they haven’t responded to the incident. To add salt to injury, Saarah was offered a switching of seats and the abuser was not addressed.

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While Phoenix police said they cannot look into the matter as it happened in the Gulf of Mexico, they sent information to the FBI, which will now look into the incident. Saarah tweeted about a woman who spoke in support of her, while her husband Faraaz tweeted about how his wife did not deserve unwarranted violence and verbal, obscene abuse.

FBI will be looking into the matter now as they have jurisdiction over crimes that occur on airplanes.

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