Free Bus & Tiffins: Volunteers Whatsapp Msgs For YCP Plenary!YSR Congress MLAs and Ministers are repeatedly mentioning that volunteers are nothing but the party workers.

The volunteers who are paid by the public exchequer are also behaving similarly.

Volunteers are campaigning – “We arranged bus and breakfasts. At least 20 people from each village should come to the YSR Congress Plenary”.

This is for East Godavari District YSR Congress at Kovvuru today.

To this extent, Chagallu secretariat volunteers sent messages on WhatsApp to the families under their jurisdiction.

In the messages, they mentioned that the society chairman, directors of various corporations, ZPTC members, MPPs, MPTC members, sarpanches, and leaders will come to the meeting.

There are instances of volunteers threatening the people, especially of lower-income strata that they will not receive welfare schemes if they do not attend the plenary.