Telugu-Twitter-Fraud-Tollywood-Movie-FansGone are the days Online scams are all about unknown people cheating random persons. With the deep penetration of social media, similar scams are happening between known people who got familiarised on social media.

Similar incident happened on Tollywood Twitter as well. A person claiming himself as a Mega fan and Janasena supporter reportedly duped Mega fans to the extent of 1 Crore (number in rumourmills).

He reportedly hails from CA background got close to the people helping them with their Tax related issues. He reportedly took money running into 1000s and even Lakhs and is now not responding to their calls and messages.

Social media has become a dubious place to Trolls and scamsters in recent times. Jobless people come on social media platforms in trenches and disappear after their purpose is fulfilled or when their mission is achieved.

It is upto the users to be careful. When it comes to Tollywood Twitter, people are like they own up accounts claiming to the fans of their favourite hero and take others to be enemies. It’s exactly at that stage they become gullible to scamsters.