Four year old kid shoots down mother Jamie GiltThe Gun Culture in America is not only claiming lives, it is churning out dreadful news every day. A four year old kid forced the trigger of gun lying in the back seat of the pickup truck and the bullet hit his mother right in her hand. The victim, Jamie Gilt, 31, was driving when the child fired the .45-caliber handgun.

Jamie Gilt was immediately shifted to a local hospital and her condition is said to be stable. Authorities are investigating how the firearm was stored in the vehicle. The victim is an advocate for gun rights and a supporter of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Finally the Gun culture she is supporting, almost killed her.

The family members of Jamie Gilt refused to comment. Jamie Gilt operates a Facebook page, ‘Jamie Gilt for Gun Sense’, is going viral and it is drawing criticism and mockery from people who are opposing the Gun Culture.