Narendra-Modi-YS-Jagan-ReddyIn the last elections, we have seen Jagan Mohan Reddy asking him to give him all MP seats so that he can get the Special Status bending Central Government’s neck. The people have given a whopping 22 seats for YSR Congress.

Since then, Modi Government had tabled four budgets and the next budget is going to be a Temporary one before the elections.

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That means this term is more or less completed and there is no single paisa given to the state separately.

The Chief Minister dropped the demand of Special Status right in the first press conference after his victory in 2019.

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Back in those days, Chandrababu Naidu used to keep Press conferences on Budget days and try to explain or criticize whatever minuscule allocations that are given in the Union Budget.

He at least used to get some funds for Polavaram, Amaravati, Central Institutions, Seven Backward districts, etc.

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But ever since 2019, there is not even a single paisa in the Union Budgets.

The Chief Minister is yet to open his mouth regarding the budget.

And then, we have MP Vijaysai Reddy saying “Our party does not approve of stalling the Parliament. Lakhs of money go waste for every one minute wasted in the Parliament. We only believe in talking about issues in the response to the budget”.

This is the same party that used to demand stalling parliament, no-confidence motions, resignations, etc before 2019.