Chandrababu-Naidu-Peethala-SujathaPeethala Sujatha, TDP Senior leader. She has been with the party for 20 years. She first became the MLA of the Achanta constituency in 2004. She had to wait until 2014 to get elected again.

In 2014, she contested and won from the Chintalapudi constituency since Achanta became a General constituency. She was also made a minister.

But then, her stint is completely marred with controversies and she also failed to establish a proper connect with the local cadre. As a result, she lost the ministry and even her ticket in 2019.

Even though denied the ticket, she still struck with the party. She is looking to contest once again in 2024.

The cadre in Chintalapudi is still not welcoming her and Gopalapatnam is another constituency she is interested in.

But there is an in charge already in Gopalapatnam. So, the future looks bleak for her. We will have to see what she does if denied the ticket once again.

Sujatha is hoping that Chandrababu will recognize her loyalty in this age of defections.