Former Minister Hits Volunteer In Anger!Former minister, Penukonda MLA Sankaranarayana manhandled a volunteer. The incident took place at Kaaveti Nagepally in Tungodu panchayat of Somandepalli Mandal of Sri Satyasai district.

Sankaranarayana attended the ‘Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Prabhutvam’ program held in the village on Tuesday. He was serious that the stickers provided by the government were not pasted on the houses.

Unable to contain his anger, Shankarnarayana hit the volunteer, Rama Chandra Reddy who was present there.

With this, the volunteer revolted. He asked the MLA what he had done and why he was hit.

The ruling party leaders who were there and the police tried to take him aside. They advised him to leave from there.

Meanwhile, the volunteer brother who was there, his friends, and the young men from the village also gathered there.

They have revolted against the former minister and given slogans. At this moment, Sankaranarayana got tensed.

At the same time, some in the village were ready to question the MLA on various issues.

Vigilant police evacuated the crowd. They took the volunteer and others to a side and pacified them.