Forget Special Treatment, Center Ill Treats APForget about the Special Treatment to Andhra Pradesh, Narendra Modi’s government at the Center is ill treating Andhra Pradesh. This was revealed in Rajya Sabha itself in a written answer given by Minister of State, Urban Development Ministry, Indrajit Singh over the funds allocated to Andhra Pradesh in Smart Cities scheme.

The cities selected from Andhra Pradesh has got the least allocations much to the dismay of the people. This scheme was allocated 3205 Crore in 2016-17 and so far 3097 Crores were released. Vishakhapatnam has got 8 Crore and Kakinada has got 6 Crore.

The 15 cities in the country selected under this scheme have all got to the tune of 186 Crore to 194 Crore from the Center. If this is the situation of a scheme being rolled out by the ministry headed by our own Venkaiah Naidu. We can just imagine the plight of other allocations.