Ys JaganPolavaram ProjectAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and his Water Resources Minister Anil Kumar Yadav on many occasions have made tall claims of completing the Polavaram Multipurpose Project by December 2021 and dedicating it to the nation. We are into December 2021 now and the project is nowhere near completion.

According to an RTI reply given by the Polavaram Project Authority, until April 27th, only 75.29% of the project works (excluding Relief and Rehabilitation works). Incidentally, according to a previous RTI filed in June 2019, the project works are 71.31% complete until 2nd June 2019.

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That only 3.98% of the works were completed in two years which is shocking. The works have slowed down further after that. The Government’s lack of commitment and no works in the rainy season may not have progressed the work further. Even by liberal estimates, Jagan Government may not have completed by more than 5-6%.

At this rate, the project will take forever to complete. The Union Government had announced to fund the project only to the extent of 20,398.61 Crore Rupees. But then, the project including the Relief and Rehabilitation works will cost a minimum of 50,000 Crore. Jagan is completely focused on freebies and also, the state’s coffers are completely empty.

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Forget about 2021 December, it is unlikely to complete another 10% even before the election. Jalayagnam is one of the promises in Navaratnalu, it looks like the Ratnam is conveniently forgotten.

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