Forgery Case Registered on TV9 Ravi PrakashFrom the past few days, there are rumors that the new management at TV9 is trying to shunt out Ravi Prakash and his team out of the Channel. The issue is already pending with National Company for Law Tribunal. Now, a case is registered on Ravi Prakash on alleged misuse of funds.

Alanda Media Entertainments made this complaint with Cyber Crime Police alleging that Ravi Prakash has forged the signature of one of the directors in TV9 Board. Ravi Prakash has gone undergone and Police are in search of him. Police have conducted raids on Ravi Prakash’s Residence and Office.

Alanda Media Entertainment bought 90% Shares from ABCL Corporation and took over TV9. Alanda appointed four new directors in the Board but Ravi Prakash is opposition this move. One director has sent dissent note against this appointment and the concerned director says Ravi Prakash has forged his signature.