Foreign_Direct_Investments_Telangana_Andhra_PradeshForeign Direct Investments (FDIs) worth 12,61,471 Crore have come to India between October 2019 and September 2022 as per a report of the Central Government

Maharashtra has taken the lion’s share of 27.87% of that FDIs i.e., 3,51,330 Crores.

Maharashtra comes second with 23.26% of that with 2,93,106 Crores.

Andhra Pradesh which used to be in the Top 5 on this list during Chandrababu’s regime suffers policy paralysis now. The present government prioritizes freebies over investments and employment generation.

As a result, the state is not even on the Top-10 list of states now.

The state has got a paltry 4,960 Crore FDIs during this period.

That is not 1% of the total FDIs that come to India. That is only 0.39% of the total FDIs India has got.

The Neighboring Telangana state has got 33,025 Crores worth FDIs during the same period and is ranked seventh in the country

That means Andhra Pradesh has got just around 15% of what the Telangana government has got.