Forecast: Pawan Kalyan Will Become Union MinisterA Pandit Dr. Yogananda Krishnamacharyulu has come up with an interesting forecast for Pawan Kalyan in the Panchanga Sravanam on Prime 9 News Channel.

Pawan Kalyan has the yogam to become a ‘Raju’. He can become a minister or a Union Minister. He is entitled to bigger heights almost like a minister. Such chances are there in his horoscope,” the Pandit predicted.

“Shani Mahardasa starts for Pawan Kalyan from November. Even Shani will help him big time. Pawan Kalyan will shine like how Moon shines when sun rays fall on it. Likewise, Pawan Kalyan’s political career will be helped with someone’s support. He can become Kingmaker,” he further added.

The Pandit also has some interesting things to say about Chiranjeevi’s political future.

“Chiranjeevi may not be in politics. His Jathakam can still influence politics. Whichever party can get his support. It will be a huge help for anyone to become the Chief Minister,” he added.