CBI YSRCP YS JaganCBI which has been silent in Jagan’s Bail Cancelation case has suddenly changed its stance in another petition regarding exemption of personal appearances. The CBI has urged the court not to permit Jagan as it would delay the cases indefinitely.

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“Jagan is just an MP previously but now he is in a much important position and can easily influence the witnesses. The cases are still in the discharge petitions stage even after ten years. Giving exemption from personal appearances will delay the cases further,” the CBI informed the court.

YSR Congress supporting media has started casting aspirations on CBI for this stance. They are questioning if CBI has any proof of Jagan trying to influence the witnesses. The media is alleging that CBI is acting according to the whims and fancies of those in power.

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“Asking CBI proofs is silly because if there are proofs, CBI would resort to arrests. CBI or for that matter any investigating agency would always deny bail and any exemption to the accused. It is a natural process. The same media was happy when CBI did not spell its stance in Bail cancelation petition and let the decision to the court,” Political Experts say.

The arguments in the case are done already and the Telangana High Court has kept the judgment in reserve.

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