For-The-First-Time,-YS-Jagan-is-Confused-and-WorriedThe Exit Poll Results which released the other day only added to the confusion in the people of Andhra Pradesh. Even though a majority of National Survey agencies predicted YSR Congress coming, Surveys of Lagadapati and Todays Chanakya who are known for their accuracy have stood firmly with TDP.

Regional Media Surveys have also voted for TDP. This has planted doubts in the minds of YSR Congress Leaders who are until now are supremely confident of their coming to Power. A similar trend prevailed even at the time of 2014 elections. Many surveys predicted Jagan coming to Power but the result turned the other day.

We are told that Jagan himself is confused and worried and talked to Prashant Kishor at length about what is happening. Even though Prashant Kishor infused confidence in Jagan, for the first time in the last few months, seeds of doubt are planted in the mind of Jagan. Another term in Opposition will spell doom for YSR Congress.

It is always difficult for a new Regional Party to survive two terms in a row in the Opposition. So a Victory is imminent here. Jagan walked for more than 3500 Kilometres for around a year and a half and gave it everything he can to win this election. The suspense looks like will continue till 23rd of this month, the Counting day.