ys Jagan Chandrababu naiduWe are less than 24 Hours for the Results of Andhra Pradesh Assembly Elections. Both TDP and YSR Congress are confident about coming to Power. The Exit Polls have only added to the Confusion by giving a confusing Picture. Parties, Leaders, and Their Supporters are having Sleepless with the high tension.

Jagan has announced his Manifesto in the form of a Nine Point Program called Navaratnalu. It is devised a couple of years ago and YSR Congress worked really hard to take it to the people. The nine points are targeting all the sections of the people and are expected to aide the Victory of Jagan Mohan Reddy.

On the other hand, TDP has pinned all its hopes on the women who have voted more than the men in this election. The Cycle Party is hoping that its Pasupu Kunkuma Scheme just before the elections will ensure that one more term is guaranteed. So in a nutshell, Freebies are going to decide the outcome of Andhra Pradesh Elections.

The Counting will begin at 8AM across various Counting Centers in Andhra Pradesh. The Counting will first begin with the Postal Ballot and Trends will arrive in a hour or so. In just two to three hours of Counting, We can have an indication of where Andhra Pradesh is heading to.