For How Long Chandrababu Will Be In Denial Mode?TDP Supremo Chandrababu Naidu has held a meeting of Telangana TDP after a long time. Speaking to the party leaders at NTR Bhavan, Chandrababu said TDP will be in the hearts of the Telugu people. He also commended the party leaders saying that TTDP is being active.

He instructed the leader to be in the people and fight for their issues. It looks like Chandrababu Naidu is in denial mode. TTDP continues to be in deep slumber and the plight of the party is mostly because of him. After the 2018 election campaign, Naidu barely concentrated on the party in Telangana.

Recently, we have seen the party president, L Ramana joining TRS. Chandrababu appointed a relatively unknown leader as the President and the new appointee is not seen any where after that. Only some young leaders like Pogaku Jayaram, Jyothsna Tirunagari are making some noise now and then.

The party cadre which still hopes of redemption some day or the other are becoming restless.