For Electoral Gains, Chandrababu Naidu Sets A Wrong Precedent

For Electoral Gains, Chandrababu Naidu Sets A Wrong PrecedentAhead of the elections, it is raining sops on all the sections of the society. Andhra Pradesh Government has decided to come to the rescue of those who lost money due to Agrigold Scam. The State Government will be repaying the money of the lost investors who have invested less than 10000 Rupees.

The State Government has allocated 250 Crore for this purpose and also released a G.O. in this regard. The money distribution will begin very soon. This move of the State Government may be good in a humane angle but sets a wrong precedent in the long run.

The government has no business to do this because it involves Private Parties. Instead, it should try to bring those responsible in docks and ensured that the victims get their money back. The government financially interfering will set a bad precedent for similar such scams in the future.

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