Floor Test for Kumaraswamy Government on 18thHigh Drama is happening in the neighboring Karnataka from the last couple of weeks as BJP is trying to topple the JDS-Congress government. CM Kumaraswamy after undergoing a lot of turmoil decided that enough is enough and expressed his readiness for the floor test in the State Assembly.

Karnataka Assembly Speaker has fixed July 18 for holding the confidence vote in the House. Congress troubleshooters like DK Shivakumar are continuing their efforts to get back their rebel MLAs to save their government. Karnataka is the only state which is under Congress rule.

And at the same time, BJP will open its account in the South if the state is grabbed from the Grand-old party. BJP despite being the single largest party in Karnataka Assembly in the elections held in 2018 could not prove its majority in the floor of the house. Congress and JD(S) in the coalition formed the government.

BJP did not try to wrest the government before the General Elections since it would create unnecessary controversies. And after winning the election, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah seem to have focused on it.