Anam_Ramanarayana_Reddy_Magunta_Sreenivasula_ReddyWinds of Change seem to be blowing across the state. Political leaders usually sense the change more than anyone else. Probably, we are going to see a mass exodus of leaders from the YSR Congress to TDP in days to come.

Former Minister Anam Rama Narayana Reddy may be the first. He has been making comments about things going wrong in the Government for quite some time. Anam is going to have a crucial meeting with his followers tomorrow and may take a decision.

From Ongole, MP Magunta Sreenivasula Reddy is also eyeing TDP but Chandrababu is yet to take a decision. Magunta jumped to YSR Congress from TDP just before the 2019 elections. He has been inactive in YSR Congress for quite some time. He is also not going to the Chief Minister when he visits the district.

Nellore Rural MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy is also airing dissent from the past few days. The other day, he made sensational remarks that the police are tapping his phones. Kotamreddy was a strong voice in support of Jagan previously. We do not know what went wrong. He did not stop even after the CM talked to him. He may surface in TDP sooner or later.

Buzz in the political circles is that two Senior leaders in Uttarandhra are also going to do the same.

This is the situation in Andhra Pradesh with elections more than a year to go. Things may become much worse for the ruling party as elections get closer.