Eatala Rajendar BJPElections in Telangana are just two years away. It appears like anti-incumbency is building up against the KCR Government. BJP is gaining ground quickly. At this juncture, some leaders are also getting ready to jump the sides.

Buzz in the media circles is that at least five TRS MLAs are in talks with BJP. These MLAs are not happy with the party high command for a long time. Sources say that these MLAs are close to Eetela and want to strengthen his leadership in the BJP.

These MLAs also feel that they are facing anti-incumbency and a change of party symbol may help them get re-elected. If at Eetela can engineer such defections, his image in the party will only improve by leaps and bounds. Meanwhile, TRS can not complain anything if that happens.

It was KCR who took the trend of defections to the next level in Telugu politics in a bid to decimate TDP and Congress in Telangana. BJP only has three MLAs in Telangana assembly including the just elected Eetela and if five MLAs join the party, it will be a sensation one should say.