TDP-YSRCP-TRSThere are some people who think KCR’s BRS will impact Telugu Desam Party. Their analysis seems very silly by any instance of logic. BRS is unlikely have any impact on AP politics and even if it did, YSR Congress will be at the receiving end.

Here are five reasons why YSR Congress should worry about BRS:

If someone really loves KCR because of Caste or some other reason, it is quite possible that he is not a voter of TDP because the rivalry between KCR and Chandrababu’s is not today’s.

TDP had a bitter fight with BJP in 2018-19 in the name of bifurcation promises. If that did not move the voters in 2019 elections, KCR’s federal politics will not move as well.

There are some people who say Talasani Srinivas Yadav will tilt Yadav votes away from TDP. It is funny if some one things Talasani has so much of clout over Andhra Pradesh Yadavs. Even if he has, he may have already turned those votes to YSR Congress. So the loss should be Jagan’s.

It is an open secret that Jagan and KCR have a secret understanding in 2019. If at all BRS resorts to any excesses, that should upset BJP. And if Jagan tries to help KCR in any ways, it will only attract the ire of the Central Government.

If KCR blocks the money flow from Hyderabad during the elections time, it will be only a level playing ground for TDP and YSR Congress. We have seen it happening for TDP in 2019. Both the parties will be at the receiving end this time.