ysr-aarogyasriAll the Private Hospitals of Andhra Pradesh decided to stop admission of Patients under the Aarogya Sri scheme starting from Friday. Andhra Pradesh Speciality Hospital Association (ASHA), the Society for Private Hospitals in AP announced it officially.

This is because Jagan Government did not even release more than 10% of the dues to the hospitals to date and also did not keep the promise to enhance the package prices as promised earlier.

In the open letter, ASHA says it has finally realized paying the hospitals priority of this Government.

They have served an ultimatum to pay all the outstanding dues until the end of February 2023.

This is the first time Aarogya Sri services are coming to a halt in the state since the scheme was first introduced.

The scheme was first launched during YSR’s tenure but it got continued by Chandrababu Naidu Government as well albeit on a different name i.e., NTR Vaidhya Seva.

After coming to power, Jagan made tall claims about Aarogya Sri but the actual fact is different.

We will have to see if the Government will lobby with the hospitals and pacify them to continue the services by making a small payment or giving a timeline for the repayments.

But if the services are stopped, Jagan will come under criticism for not being able to implement a scheme launched by his own father.