First Survey That Gauges Impact Of TDP And JSP Alliance!A survey by Atmasakshi Group is going viral in Political circles. The survey gives an edge to TDP if elections are to be held today. It also focuses on the impact if there is an alliance between TDP and Janasena.

With no alliances, the survey predicts 95 seats for TDP and 75 seats for YSR Congress while it gives just five seats to Janasena.

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With an alliance between JSP and TDP with other parties contesting individually, the survey gives 105-110 seats to TDP and 10-12 to JSP. In such a case, YCP will be relegated to 60-65 seats.

If TDP, JSP, and BJP contest in an alliance, the survey predicts an edge for YSR Congress. The coalition will be confined only to 70-75 seats while YSRCP will come back to power with 95-102. That means TDP is losing sixteen seats in such an alliance.

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The survey says Janasena has a 10% Vote Share and above in five districts (East 22%, West 21%, Vishakapatnam 16.5%, Krishna 11.5%, and Guntur 9.75%).

In terms of constituencies, Janasena 30% Vote Share which keeps it in the race for a seat in only seven seats (Rajamundry Rural, Pitapuram, Razole, Kakinada City, Bhimavaram, Narasapuram, and Tadepalligudem).

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The survey says Janasena’s average vote share across the state is 9.34%. The party is too weak in the South Coastal area, Rayalaseema, Srikakulam, and Vizianagaram districts of Uttarandhra.

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