First State in U.S. to Declare October as Hindu MonthWith the growing number of Hindus making foreign countries their home, they naturally would like to create pockets as the Chinese do with Chinatowns in all major cities across the world. Making the festive season more joyful, Virginia state has become the first US state to declare October as Hindu Heritage Month.

It is the festive season for Hindus across the world and the recent inauguration of a multi-god temple in Dubai has generated great joy among the overseas community. After a spate of Hindu-phobic incidents and online campaigning, the Hindu community in the US is now a happy lot.

The Hindu population in the USA is the world’s eighth-largest. One cannot deny the contributions of industrious Hindus in the development of trade and commerce in America. Also, there are many Hindus who are second-generation or third-generation and want to proudly celebrate their festivals without disturbing other communities.

Many big events are planned in Virginia to recognize several Hindu holidays in October, including Bhattakumma, Navaratri, Dussehra, Diwali, and many more.

The Indian Hindu community is happy as other associations from countries like Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, South Africa, Germany, and Norway are signing up as partners.