Gorantla_Buchchaiah_Chowdary_Kandula_DurgeshIt looks certain that TDP and Janasena will sail together in 2024. It has to be seen how they will approach seat-sharing. How they approach seat-sharing is very important.

There are some seats in which both parties are keen and they will be a real challenge to sort out. One such seat is in Rajamahendravaram Rural.

Veteran TDP leader and Six-time MLA Gorantla Buchchaiah Chowdary is representing the constituency. Janasena Senior leader and former MLC Kandula Durgesh contested over Chowdary in 2019 and lost.

There are rumors that Buchchaiah Chowdary may have to vacate Rajamahendravaram Rural and go to Rajanagaram. Buchchaiah is keen on the Rural or City seat. He is not at all interested on Rajanagaram.

Janasena high command wants Durgesh to shift to Rajanagaram if TDP gets the seat. But Durgesh is not interested either.

YCP and Janasena fielded Kapu candidates in 2019 and that split the community votes helping the TDP candidate.

YSR Congress is keen on fielding Chandana Nageswara Rao (BC) in the Rural seat this time.

We will have to see how TDP and Janasena will sort out this Panchayat.