First Ivy League Uni To Introduce Indian Caste System In U.S.It is a norm that once one passes out of an Ivy League School, a student’s life is made. While that remains true, wherever there is a south Asian community, the issue of caste sprouts its head. It is an inevitable reality that the students of lower castes face even today.

To address this issue, Brown University is the latest in the string of schools to add caste protections to their non-discrimination policies. This has been done to give Dalit students official channels to report bias.

The private University in Providence, Rhode Island, is the first Ivy League school to mention casteism in its general policy, as per Dalit Civil Rights organization Equality Labs. However, there has been increasing demand for caste equity across the US.

The concept is that when caste is added to the non-discrimination policy, everybody will have to abide by the policy and know what caste is. Brown said the policy change was crucial as the south Asian American population grew.

University of California – Davis, Brandeis University in Boston, and the entire California State University have made similar changes, though the road to caste equity in the US is still a long way to go!