Andhra-Pradesh-Bar-AssociationAfter Nirbhaya, Asifa’s rape case moved the country, leading to the protests against the accused to be punished mercilessly. The protest made the government bring a law of death sentence in case of child rapes. Well, even after the law was announced, AP saw a child rape again and this led to a striking decision taken by a lawyers association of the state.

Bar Association of AP took an oath of not taking up the case of the rape accused anymore. It is the first ever such notion taken in India by any lawyers. That decision received a positive response on the web with people suggesting the similar oaths to be taken all over the country. However, soon came the drawback into the light.

What if a person gets subjected to false allegations? What if the person is actually innocent and needs to be saved? Another group questioned the same pushing the decision of the lawyers into a questionable state. What do you think about this? Are the lawyers right?