KTR- Samala PavaniTelangana Municipal Minister, K Taraka Ramarao has come under heat for the first time. Siricilla Municipal Chairperson, Samala Pavani on camera revealed that the Minister himself asked her to take a commission for all the contracts and projects. Even though she did not take the name of KTR, it is obvious that she is referring to the Municipal and Urban Development Minister.

She admitted that it is quite common to have 1-3% commission in all the contracts happening in the constituency as directed by the Minister. As the video surfaced in the social media, the Municipal Chairperson resigned to her Post citing personal reasons.

It will not be very tough to guess why she resigned. But then, KTR has come under severe criticism. It is the first time a corruption allegation has come on the Minister that too just before the 2019 elections. KTR is also the legislator of Siricilla.