Telangana , Telangana Twin Towers, Telangana Police Towers, KCR police Towers, KCR Telangana Iconic buildingsFinally Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao’s pet project of Twin Police Towers is finally happening. According to the initial DPR, First Tower will have 24 floors while the second will have 17 floors. These buildings are expected to be of 135 meters height.

However Airports Authority of India declined permission for the Towers construction due to its close proximity to Begumpet Airport which is being used by VIPs now. AAI clarified that constructions here can not be constructed higher than at 89 meters. With no other options, it was decided that these towers will be constructed within the prescribed height.

According to the new plan, there will be only 20 floors in each tower now. L&T and Shapoor Pallonji have submitted bids for these towers. The government targets to complete the construction in one and half years. This is the biggest Police command and control center in the country and will have the facility to monitor one Lakh CCTV Cameras which will be installed in various parts of the city.