Finally some clarity over Polavaram project fundingPolavaram authority CEO Amarjith Singh finally gave some clarity over the funding of Polavaram Project. Earlier Center told that the project will be executed with the loans from NABARD. People are worried about this loan as it will be a burden for the cash strapped state government. Some even questioned why Center is deviating from its responsibility towards a National Project and is asking to take loans.

Amarjith Singh clarified that the project will be executed by NABARD loan and the central government will be repaying it in 20 years. The CEO and his team visited Polavaram Project for the last two days and expressed their satisfaction about the way the works are progressing. Polavaram authority will also reviewing the works every month and will also ensure funds are released in a timely manner.

The authority team also visited Pattiseema Project and were in full praises of the contract and the team for executing such important project is just an years time. The authority also promised to ensure the project design is approved by Union Irrigation department very soon.