YS Jagan theatre ticket pricesThe extremely low ticket rates G.O. brought in by Andhra Pradesh Government has become a major hindrance to the normalcy in the Telugu film industry. In B and C centers, the rates set by the Government could not even recover the electricity charges which may even force them to shut down forever.

After hue and cry from all quarters, the Government has decided to consider, we are told. The government has authorized District Revenue Officials to look into the concerns being raised by the trade and the industry on a case-to-case basis. With a few conditions like mandatory GST, a solution to the stalemate is probably near, trade is expecting.

The trade is expecting a reasonable request of uniform ₹100 Rate (maximum) for A/c theaters across all classes of theaters. The government did not consider even this reasonable request so far. The trade is expecting a change in the Government with this decision which they assume is a positive step in the direction of resolving the stalemate.

The industry is hoping for a resolution at least by August 13th which is when Nani’s Tuck Jagadish is being planned for.