Police_Fifth_Case_Nara_Lokesh_Padayatra_Yuva_GalamNara Lokesh is on one of the most important political campaigns in TDP’s history and he has emerged as the focal point of AP political space now.

Coming to the point, Lokesh has now rattled the YCP government to an extent where a fifth case has been filed against him since the start of the Yatra.

Chittoor police have filed a criminal case against Lokesh over multiple charges.

Narasingaraya peta police have filed a criminal case against Lokesh, saying he held public meetings without due notice and broke many regulations while on the Padayatra.

The police stated that Lokesh didn’t abide by the Padayatra regulations that were permitted. This is the fifth police case against Lokesh since he started the Yatra.

This pretty much sums up the kind of tactics the state government is using against Lokesh in a bid to try and irk the TDP scion.