Farmers-Should-Be-in-Mud-Pools-and-Eat-Something-They-Get---Comedian-Prudhvi-RajThe agitation of the farmers in Amaravati against the Capital Shift has reached the Twentieth Day. Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is yet to make a comment instilling trust in the farmers on the Government. Meanwhile, the Ruling Party Leaders continue to make ridiculous comments terming farmers as Paid Artists.

The latest in the list is Comedian turned Politician, Prudhvi Raj. The actor also pushed himself into Amaravati farmers and made some ridiculous comments about farmers. “Farmers should be work hard, plow his fields and water them. They will always be in knee-deep mud water pools and eat something they get,” he stereotyped the farmers.

“In Amaravati, we are seeing farmers who are using Audi cars, wearing gold chains and linen-cotton shirts. We do not see such farmers anywhere in India,” Prudhvi added. This is nothing but an insult to farmers from the Government which claims to be a farmer-friendly one.

Interestingly, Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy’s recent friend, Telangana CM KCR also calls himself a farmer and declared that he knew the techniques to earn One Crore per acre. Wonder if Prudhvi ridicules KCR as well in the same way.