Pawan_Kalyan_Jr_NTRStrange are the ways of film fans. Irrespective of the place and occasion, fans invoke heroes and politics for no reason and make a mess.

This time, it happened in Mahankali Jathara in Palamuru, West Godavari.

A few Pawan Kalyan fans started the slogans of ‘CM Pawan Kalyan’ in the Jathara.

NTR fans could not stand it and retaliated with the slogans of ‘CM NTR‘.

The entire atmosphere became hostile and heated. Police had to interfere and disperse the crowd.

The devotees who attended the Jathara were vexed with their behavior.

“What are these fans doing? One hero is not even an MLA and the other is not even in politics. What are they fighting for and spoiling a holy occasion?” devotees have criticized.

“There should be time and occasion for everything. They are just bringing a bad name to their heroes,” they add.