Fake-Farmers-to-Finish-Amaravati-AgitationRuling Party is making all efforts to foil Chandrababu Naidu’s visit to Amaravati villages from the 28th of this month. The party had paraded a few people in the name of Capital farmers in Sakshi Channel and alleged that Chandrababu failed to keep his promises and demanded that he should apologize before touring the region.

They further went on to say, “When YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was in opposition, he visited our villages and listened to all our problems”. They added that Chandrababu had then insulted YS Jagan during his visit by spraying ‘Pasupu Neellu’ after his visit. The very statement indicates political influence.

If at all, the Capital farmers are angry with Chandrababu, that should be fine. But the farmers singing praises on Jagan Government even after casting doubts over the future of Amaravati makes things suspicious. Amaravati farmers, only have the support of TDP in these difficult times.

If the Government’s plan to divide the farmers works out, it will be project YSR Congress on the right side in stopping the Capital Works So, it is the responsibility of farmers to expose these fake farmers and retain any hopes of Government not bulldozing them and the issue.