Fact Check: No Relation Between Words And Deeds Of JaganAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy makes tall claims of executing water projects is a priority. YSR Congress alleged neglect of projects during Chandrababu’s regime.

But then actual facts seem to be different. After coming to power, the distribution of freebies seems to be the only mantra and there is total neglect in all the projects.

Between 2014 and 19, the then Chandrababu Naidu government spent a whopping 55,893.71 Crore with an average of 11,178.74 Crores per year.

In three years of his rule so far, Jagan could not even spend half of it. The present government spent a paltry 15786.79 Crore till now. The three years average is just 5,262 Crores.

The numbers of Chandrababu’s tenure were the numbers submitted by the officials to Jagan in the first review meeting. The numbers for these three years are the numbers revealed by the government in the recent budget.

Many of the bills are still pending to the contractors and as a result, they have stopped working.

Not even a single project has been completed in the last three years even though Andhra Pradesh is a majorly agrarian state.

Out of the 49 projects that are under construction by 2019, this government has set a target of completely only five projects by March 2021, and even they are not completed.

We have already seen how the time frame for Polavaram Project is increasing endlessly and it is unlikely to be completed before the 2024 elections.

Along with existing projects, Jagan Government announced new projects with 72,458 Crores. The lesser we talk about them the better it is.