fact-check-did-chandrababu-really-compromise-on-polavaram--projectNarendra Modi Government is trying to distance itself from the R&R Package of Polavaram Project which is around 30,0000 Crore. Instead of fighting with the Center on Polavaram Betrayal, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy Government is trying to blame TDP for the flipflop.

YSR Congress Ministers are saying that Chandrababu Naidu’s Government back then agreed to the Modi Government’s proposal of funding only to the extent of Irrigation Component and that too according to 2014 estimates. There is no material evidence of this claim but if something of such sort happened, a government’s approval can not subside an act made in the Parliament.

Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act 2014 mandates the Union Government to bear the complete expense of the Project including R&R. Union Government specially clarified that it will be funding R&R of the Project in Parliament on a couple of occasions.

The concept of the Irrigation Component is being used to mislead the people. Back then, the Modi Government wanted to take over the Power Project of Polavaram. Hydel Power in the cheapest power and so, Chandrababu Naidu Government did not agree to give it to the center which means all the power would go to the Union Government.

Center is funding only for the Irrigation Component which means everything from R&R to Project construction. If Chandrababu agreed only for the Project cost, it does not make sense for all the approvals of the Central Government for the Revised Estimates. Its high time politics are kept aside and the Government approaches the Supreme Court on this issue.