Jagan_Pawan_Kalyan_MLC_Elections_2023JanaSena leader Pawan Kalyan has made a statement that the defeat in 3 MLC seats for YSRCP is a lesson to the headstrong leaders of Jagan’s party. He said the graduates have shown that they needed change and added that this will be the fate of YSRCP in the coming elections.

It is known that YSRCP which is in power in AP has lost in three graduate seats in Uttarandhra, East Rayalaseema, and West Rayalaseema.

Pawan Kalyan said that the extremely embarrassing defeat for YSRCP was a lesson that they cannot take voters for granted and he further stated that for those who are unsure about whom to vote in the 2024 elections, then this is the guiding point.

JanaSena leader said that the graduates have shown that they were discontent with the way Jagan is leading the state into a deplorable plight and the voters now know what to do in the 2024 general elections.